Offers come for OT Killion

Offers are starting to come in for 6-foot-6, 280-pound offensive tackle Ben Killion. The Rockville (Md.) Wootton prospect pulled his first two scholarships in recent weeks and is starting to head out to visit schools this summer.
"I've got two offers from Buffalo and Ohio," he said. "Ohio came in last week and Buffalo was something about three weeks ago.
"It's really exciting. It hasn't sunk in the opportunity to go play for free. It's an amazing opportunity that not many people get. It's awesome."
Does Killion know much about either program?
"I know a little bit more about Ohio," he said. "My freshman year, we had a senior we sent to Ohio. I'm still learning more and talking to both of their coaches."
While offers are starting to come in, interest is rising.
"A lot of schools are interested," he said. "I'm getting a lot from the CAA, William & Mary and James Madison. This week I'm heading down to camps at NC State and Duke. I'm also looking at some Ivy League schools, Yale and Brown since academics are really important to me. I know they can't give scholarships, but I wouldn't get in there otherwise just based on my own academics. It's something else I'm looking at."
As colleges come in, what is Killion looking for?
"I'm just looking to find the best of both worlds, a high level of football and good academics," he said. "I want a school I'll be happy, I hope it doesn't happen, but if things fall through with football, I get hurt or something bad happens, I want to be at a school I'll be happy at and not regret my choice."
Boasting a 3.7 GPA, Killion noted academics are important and is looking at two potential degrees.
"I have two ideas, I've thought about business and economics, I've also thought about engineering, but I know it is one of the most rigorous degrees in college."
On the field, Killion earned all-county honors as a junior as his team posted a 2-8 record last season.
"I think I personally played well even though the season was a disappointment," he said. "I improved a lot from the season before, it was my second year starting on varsity.
"I think something obviously I have is a lot of size which helps me with colleges. I also think I'm a smart player. I know exactly my assignment on every play and figure out exactly what I need to do."