Offers beginning to come in for Kerr

Offers are picking up for St. Petersburg, Fla. tight end Jeremy Kerr. The 6-foot-6, 254-pounder claims four offers to date and could be on the verge of many others.
"I got my second, third and fourth offers from Wake Forest, Connecticut and Memphis," he said. "You can't get much better of an education than Wake Forest, that's a great school. I don't know as much about Connecticut and Memphis, but those are two other good schools and another opportunity."
Many other colleges are also moving in.

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"I feel like everybody and their brother is talking about how interested they are and how they're going to offer me," he said. "I can't really tell who is going to offer until they say they have offered me. I've been talking to 10 to 12 schools every other day. A lot want me to come to camp or for unofficial visits. It's going to be a pretty busy summer."
Kerr did not make any visits this weekend, but that will soon change.
"Next weekend I'm going down to Miami for an unofficial on the 9th,"
he said. "I think I'm headed to Ole Miss sometime this summer. I'm going to Florida and Florida State for camps, Wake Forest and Stanford, Vanderbilt and NC State want me to come up. Clemson I'm not sure about yet. Those are the ones I think I'll do."
The three-star prospect claims no favorites at this point, but really is looking for one thing in his future program.
"To be honest, I'm not sure if anyone stands out, but I want to have an opportunity to play in the SEC," he said. "That has always been a big thing for me. I am talking to a couple of them, so we'll see. I don't have any real school in particular, and I'm not limiting myself to just one. I'm open to anything."
Kerr explained the draw of the SEC to him.
"I like the tradition in the SEC," he said. "In my eyes it is the best conference in football. I know I can compete at that level even though I don't have five-stars like a lot of the players getting SEC offers. I want to show I could play at that level and that is my goal."
Regarding position, Kerr is getting a bit of a mix from schools.
"All my offers right now are for tight end," he said. "Wake Forest said they may even move me to defense. Some other schools like Vanderbilt and Clemson and a couple others are really interested in me as a left tackle if they were to offer me. I'm ok with that, because I just want to play football."