Offers begin for Carolina DE Stanley

Offers are starting to come in for Southport (N.C.) South Brunswick defensive end Terrell Stanley. Already three teams have offered and more are interested in the 6-foot-3, 250-pounder.
"He's been offered all this week from Duke, East Carolina yesterday and Arkansas today," South Brunswick head coach Roman Kelley said. "Elon looks like they are going to offer along with Boston College and Wisconsin, but the first three are the only ones in writing."
According to Kelley, Stanley grew up a fan of one school.
"He grew up a Duke fan, so that's obviously an exciting offer for him. It's one of those schools he's been following since he was young," he stated. "He likes the SEC too and Arkansas is big-time football. He likes East Carolina as well."
A young prospect at only 16-years old, what stands out about Stanley as a player?
"He's a competitor," he said. "The one thing that sticks out in my mind is that he hates to lose.
"On the field, it's his tenacity when the ball is snapped. He's got a bad mood and plays extremely hard. He's got a lot of raw ability and is tough to deal with, but has got to work on his technique."
Stanley is a great person off the field though as Kelley noted.
"He's got a great family life and a great mom and dad that are very supportive," he said. "Terrell is a good kid, a yes sir no sir type and he's the first one to snatch up his teammates if they slack off. We're certainly a better ball club with him."
Stanley certainly has the recruiting attention to date, but Kelley has another prospect to watch as well in 6-foot-0, 205-pound linebacker Levi Prince.
"He started since his freshman year as well for us," he said. "He's getting a lot of paperwork so far from Wisconsin, Duke, NC State, Wake Forest and others. Harvard, Cornell and Brown have asked for transcripts since he has a 3.8 GPA.
"I believe he's a Division I player, that can play at East Carolina or Appalachian State."
Prince is under the radar despite a solid junior season in which he posted 67 tackles, five sacks and two fumble recoveries.
"Levi plays a lot faster on the football field than on track," he said. "He's physical and loves contact. He's in shape and chiseled and somebody is going to get a steal with him.
"He walks the walk and talks the talk and is a soft spoken leader at our school."