Offers are piling up for Poggi

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Baltimore (Md.) Gilman School defensive tackle Henry Poggi is quickly becoming one of the top prospects on the East Coast. Offers are coming far and wide for the 6-foot-3, 250-pounder.
"He's got roughly 20 or so offers," Gilman School assistant Henry Russell said. "I know he went to Stanford for that Notre Dame game and had a great visit to Stanford. I know they are high on his list.
"He went to a Michigan game earlier and they are high on his list too. I know Virginia is up there; Alabama and Auburn are up there as is Ohio State. Those are the schools and then maybe the state school, Maryland. Henry has friend up there, so they may get a look too."
It seems most of the schools up there right now are major programs.
"He wants to play for a big-time program," he said. "He wants to go to a place where he can get a great education and a place he'll feel comfortable with his teammates and coaches. That is one thing about Stanford, he really liked the kids there and was really impressed with the academics, it was a lot like Gilman where academics are first and football is second."
On the year, Poggi had a big season.
"Henry was awesome," he said. "He started both ways at tight end and defensive tackle. I don't know how he played as hard as he did. He was really impressive and did a really great job in the playoffs. He played every play running around and was exhausted by the end of the game, it's a tribute to his character, his motor is ridiculous."