Offer No. 3 comes for top CT linebacker

Greenwich, Conn. linebacker Jonathan Meyers picked up offer No. 3 on Monday. The 6-foot-1, 215-pounder already holds scholarships from the ACC and SEC and now the Big 12 has joined the mix.
"I picked up an offer from Nebraska Monday night," he said. "I was kind of surprised by the offer. My coach showed me a letter that they were looking for the best linebackers in the country since they have four graduating next year. I was one of the top ones and they sent an offer my way.
"I talked to coach Cosgrove on the phone for a bit and it was really good. He's my recruiting and defensive coordinator. He told me how they have the most academic All-Americans amongst any of the big universities. I was surprised to hear that they were ahead of Notre Dame. After getting the offer, it's definitely one to consider and broadens my perspective."
Meyers didn't name other schools, but he believes around a half dozen schools could be offering him in the next week. Do any colleges stand out for the linebacker?
"I'd say Florida does," he said. "They offered me really early and I've been down there a bunch of times. I know the staff. They're a quality program and I'm actually going down there this weekend for the spring game. From what I know the atmosphere is amazing and it's a quality place where they treat the kids as their own. I'm going down to learn more about them."
In recent weeks Meyers took in visits to Stanford, Boston College and Penn State.
"All of those schools impressed me and have their own special things about them," he said. "They all have great facilities and stadiums. There are small differences like Stanford is West Coast while Boston College and Penn State are in the northeast, but the big thing that'll be the deciding factor are the coaches and kids. They make all these places special."