Offer No. 1 comes for OL Duffy

Offer No. 1 came recently for Laureldale (Pa.) Muhlenberg offensive guard Zachary Duffy. The 6-foot-4, 310-pounder discussed the offer as wel as the other teams who are interested.
"I got the offer from Temple about a week and a half ago," he said. "It was awesome. It was like everything you have worked for, for years. It was like it wasn't real, you pursue those things as a kid and it was probably the best feeling I've ever had."
Regarding Temple specifically, Duffy is still finding out more.
"I attended a camp there once," he said. "I know they I believe just decided to enter the Big East, but I don't really know much more about them than that."
In addition to Temple, Duffy is hearing from Rutgers, Syracuse, Villanova, Bucknell and Towson.
"Rutgers actually mentioned they were going to be the first offer," he said. "But, the coaching change happened and my recruiting coach left with Coach Schiano and that kind of mixed things up, so I'm not sure what will happen."
Does Duffy like anybody?
"I don't really have a favorite," he said. "I've always just kind of watched games whenever they are on and don't really have a preference. I'm open to anybody.
"I'm trying to find a balance between football and academics. I've been to a few schools and one of them was leaning too much towards academics, Penn. I'm not ruling anything out. I really enjoyed Rutgers. They seem to have a good balance that I'm looking for, a very good school and an excellent football program."
On the field, Duffy posted all-league honors as a junior.
"I had a good season," he said. "I thought I could have done better, but overall I felt I did well.
"Outside of my size, my aggression is good and since this was my second year starting, I had more experience and more confidence in myself."