Offer count up to 11 for Ussery

As one of the top wide receiver prospects in the state of Texas, Dallas (Texas) St. Mark's wideout Terdema Ussery has seen a number of coaches come through the practice fields this Spring. He has also picked up several recent offers and pushing his offer count up to 11.
"Spring was really good," Ussery said. "We'll be good next year. We have pretty much all the skill positions back and we're maturing pretty early. We were pretty crisp in all of the practices."
Among the numerous coaches that have stopped in to see Ussery have been representatives from the staffs at Colorado, Stanford, Illinois, Louisville, Oklahoma and several others. A few of those coaches have come bearing scholarship offers. Among Ussery's most recent offers are Wake Forest, Kansas, California, Utah and Rice.

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"Cal and Stanford are really standing out but I'm still open," he said. "I like the area and my dad went to Cal so those schools stand out."
Currently, Ussery is in the midst of final exams for school but after his tests are finished he plans on mapping out his summer schedule.
"I'm going to sit down some time after finals and do it," he said. "I'll probably see Cal just because we'll be in California because of my family. Maybe Louisville and Colorado too."
Along with the visits to campus by college coaches, Ussery has been taking a number of phone calls from different coaches as well and all of them put together an appealing pitch.
"They all sound great and the direction that they're going sounds great. That's why the visits are important jus to see first hand what's going on on campus."
Ussery's summer will consist of training for football, competing in 7-on-7s, visiting campuses and one trip that is not as common among high school football recruits: a trip to China. Ussery will be there to work on his hobby of photography.