Oceanside OL racking up offers

There is a lineman who plays for Oceanside, Calif., who sure looks the part of a football player and is considered a beast along the offensive line.
That player is Bobby Byrd (6-7, 285, 5.3). Bobby is his given name, not Robert. What’s in a name any way? Byrd is a heck of a football player.
Byrd projects as a weakside offensive tackle on the next level. He has great size and potential. He has good quickness for a big man.
One thing that really stands out about Byrd is his outstanding footwork. Though he is a pretty good run blocker, Byrd is a stellar pass blocker.
Byrd has those nice long arms that work so well in pass protection. Once he gets his wings underneath pad level, it is over for the defender.
Offers have already come in from Washington, Washington State, Kansas and San Diego State.
Byrd’s current top schools include Washington, Washington State, USC, Oregon and Colorado.
What is Byrd looking for in a school?
“I want to attend a school that has great academics and a solid football program,” Byrd said. “I don’t really care about location; it is the opportunity for an education and have a chance to play football that most interests me.”
What does Byrd like about his top five colleges?
“Washington plays solid football and the program is on the rise nationally.”
“Oregon has done very well for a while now and (Mike) Bellotti is a great coach.”
“USC is one of the traditionally great programs and will be good again.”
“Washington State is another team that is on the rise.”
“I loved the way Colorado’s line played football last season.”
Byrd was selected all-league as a junior and is already fully qualified.
Byrd is definitely one to watch this year, look for his stock to rise this fall…