OC Has 3 Offers and 1 Big 12 School Interest

NAME: Robby D'Angelo
POSITION: Offensive Center
SCHOOL: Harrison Central High School, Biloxi, Mississippi

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SIZE: 6-foot-3, 285 pounds
40 YARDS: 5.1
VERTICAL: 24 inches
BENCH: 330
SQUAT: 480
GPA: 3.7
ACT: 22
By attending many summer camps, Robby D'Angelo has been quite busy the past three months. ''I went to 5 camps,'' Robby said. ''I went to 'Ole Miss, Southern Miss, LSU, Tulane and Auburn. And I took two visits this summer too, Florida and Vanderbilt.''
It might have helped by going to those schools over the past few months. ''I have three offers, 'Ole Miss, Tulane and Southern Miss,'' D'Angelo said.
He hears from guite a few other schools - ''I hear from quite a few schools. I'm hearing from Tennessee, but mainly SEC schools. I have heard from Oklahoma State from the Big 12 conference.''
It seems to be easy to determine who is recruiting him the hardest. ''The other day I got 11 hand-written letters from 'Ole Miss in one day,'' D'Angelo said. ''I get a lot from LSU too.''
''One of my strong points is. Well, my dad is an offensive coordinator and this is my 4th year in the offensive. It is a college offense, as we throw the ball about 70% of the time. I'm able to read the defense and call the blocking assignments for the line. I have real good feet, as far as pass blocking goes and I'm a big physical player.''
Any school standout over an another? ''No sir, but my brother plays at Southern Miss and my dad played there too.''
Who offered first? ''Tulane did and that is where my mom played college basketball.''
It appears that the close ties to Mississippi and Tulane will not make a lot of difference in his ultimate decision. ''My parents always told me that it was my decision.''
''Distance doesn't'' make any difference in his decision.
His top schools are Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana State, Auburn, Oklahoma State, Tulane and Southern Mississippi with the last two having a slight lead.