Obiozor torn between OSU, AM

After listing Oklahoma State and UCLA as his top two teams for most of the recruiting process, an official visit this weekend to Texas A&M has shaken things up for Pearland, Texas, strongside defensive end Cyril Obiozor.
“Texas A&M felt like home,” Obiozor, a three-star prospect that is 6-foot-4 and 236 pounds, said. “I felt really comfortable there on the visit. I’ve always liked the campus at Texas A&M, and it was really impressive. It’s bigger and greener than Oklahoma State’s, so that was kind of cool.”
Obiozor, though, said he’s now torn. He said his parents want him to go to Oklahoma State and he’s kind of torn at this point at what he wants to do.

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“It’s about even,” he said. “But I think Oklahoma State has a slight lead now, but A&M has really caught up and they could change my mind when they come to visit me next week. I think coach Fran is coming either Tuesday or Thursday night. My parents like coach Miles at Oklahoma State, and it’ll be nice to have them talk even more with coach Fran.”
Kansas State is scheduled to get a visit next weekend, but Obiozor said he might not take that visit if he decides to commit to either A&M or OSU. UCLA is also going to come by his house this week to talk about a visit in January.