Nunn to be a Husker again

Houston Cypress Falls three-star receiver Terrence Nunn and his family played host to Nebraska assistant coach Turner Gill this evening, and it looks like Nunn is back to square one when it comes to making a final decision.
After originally committing to Nebraska and then flipping to Wisconsin it looks like Nunn might end up being a Husker once again – especially after coach Gill’s in-home visit tonight. But he’s not officially committed one way or the other, according to his mother Arlene Nunn.
“He needs to settle down and think things over,” Nunn said. “But I think things are looking bright for Nebraska. At this point, I wouldn’t say he’s truly committed to anybody. I feel like both schools are good options, and there is no doubt that they both are good programs, but I really like coach Gill, and I’m his mother.”

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There are other reasons, according to his mother, who is doing all interviews for Nunn while he formulates a final decision.
“He met today with coach Gill, but I wasn’t able to be there,” his mother said.
“There are some academic questions and things that I want to get re-assurance on. He was also was really impressed with coach (Bill) Callahan when he came down for the visit. He was a really impressive guy, and there are other things that Nebraska brings to the table that are all positives. Other than that I truly believe that Nebraska is where is heart is at. “