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Notre Dame hosts standout 2020 QB Drew Pyne

Drew Pyne

Only a sophomore, Drew Pyne has a lengthy offer sheet and has started to take some visits. The New Canaan, Conn. star visited Notre Dame for the Georgia game and had plenty to say about his experience in South Bend.


“We got there on Saturday and walked around the campus with my family,” Pyne said. “I’ve watched Rudy a lot so it was cool to walk around and see where he was. Going to the game and hearing those trumpets and seeing everything on the field was awesome. The tradition there is unbelievable. I was really thankful to be there.

“After the tour we went back to the facility to meet with the coaches,” he said. “We saw the players walk in and I was on the field before the game. It was a great game to watch. Coach Rees is a great guy. I love him. He played there and I watched him. I threw for him over the summer. It was good to see him again. He's a great guy.

Brandon Wimbush is an unbelievable kid,” said Pyne. “My brother played against him in high school. He’s a baller. Their offensive line is ridiculous. Their running backs and wide receivers are really good too. It was really fun to see them play, especially against a SEC team. Georgia is really good too. It was really fun to see those two teams compete. Hopefully I could be compared to Brandon Wimbush. He’s unbelievable. I just need to get better. I love watching him play.

“We sat right in the crowd it was pretty crazy,” he said. “We saw them throw the fans up in the air so that was pretty cool. There's a ton of tradition. I think it took them a long time to put the video board up in the stadium so they do things pretty cool there.

“I think I'm going to go to games at Penn State, Alabama, Oklahoma, and one or two more somewhere else,” Pyne said. “Oklahoma against TCU would be fun. Penn State against Michigan maybe. I might try to go to Alabama when they play LSU.

“When I go on visits it’s different everywhere you go,” he said. “I'm just really thankful for everything. At the end of the day, all the schools have great facilities so it’s about the coaches that are there and if it’s the right fit. I talked to the coaches when I go on visits and we try to stay in touch but it's all about my relationship with coaches in finding the right fit.

“I really like all the opportunities that I have,” said Pyne. “I'm looking at the offers that I already have and am thankful for any more opportunities that come my way. I'm trying to talk to as many coaches as I can so I can build relationships. It's about the relationships, not facilities.”


Pyne is clearly just at the beginning of his recruitment and is working on finding out more about the schools that have offered him. Notre Dame made a good first impression but lots of schools are going to get their chance with Pyne. Penn State, Oklahoma, and Alabama are just a few of the schools Pyne will be considering down the road. Anybody handicapping Pyne’s recruitment at this point is purely speculating.