Norton racking up tackles

Sergio Kindle might be the top inside linebacker in the nation and the top linebacker on the board committed to the Texas Longhorns. But Jared Norton of Rowlett, Texas, isn't too shabby either. The future Longhorn did his part in his team's first game against Plano and then helped spark a 45-41 victory on Thursday night against Plano West.
"I had 20 tackles in the first game, even though we lost, so I guess I did all right," Norton, who is 6-foot-3 and 226 pounds, said. "I didn't like losing that first one, so it was great to turn it around and win (Thursday).
"I noticed I was containing my speed a lot better than last year. I wasn't over-pursuing or anything like I sometimes did last season."

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While some schools have to worry about their commitments, the Horns don't with Norton.
"Texas coaches are the only ones I've talked to over the past few weeks," he said. "Some coaches mail me, but the only thing I really hear is what my parents tell me they say. I don't really look at it. I'm busy with school and I know where I want to go, so why bother?
"I didn't really hear from anyone until I committed to Texas. Then after I did, I started to get a ton of mail. So I don't pay attention. I'm still solid to Texas. - real solid. I'm not going anywhere else. I'm 100 percent not going anywhere else. I don't even talk to any other teams."
There was a time where Norton thought he might be disappointed since he won't get to take any other visits, but that thought has changed.
"I kind of wanted to go on some visits just to see some different places, but I don't think the coaches want me to," he said. "If I went it wouldn't matter anyways, because I know where I am going to play. It was just something I kind of wanted to do, but I'm fine with just going to Texas. I don't even think about that stuff anymore."