Norman raves after UCLA camp

Stanley Norman was not expected to work out at UCLA's camp this past weekend but then he tore off his sweatshirt and jumped in drills wearing sweatpants and his Culver City t-shirt.
The 2015 prospect played some wide receiver, went over to cornerback for a while and left the camp saying something uniquely positive about the Bruins.
"I love it, I love it, I love it," Norman said.
"This school will always be in my top five. I love how the coaches are and I just love the vibe about it. Wherever I go to college it's going to be because I want to play both ways in college. Fifteen to 20 plays, that's all I ask for, just to strike up the band. I just want the opportunity to make plays on both sides of the ball."
A day after the UCLA camp, Norman went with his team to a 7on7 tournament at USC and learned about his offer from the Trojans.
Apparently, the 2015 prospect from Culver City had been offered by the USC coaching staff sometime back but had not heard about it. When he did, Norman said it was another major offer to consider and he's excited both local Pac-12 schools offered before his junior year.
"This offer is huge for me because I'm entering my junior season with offers from UCLA and USC," Norman said. "They had offered me already but I just didn't know about it."
So far, Norman has landed offers from Akron, Marshall, San Jose State, UCLA, USC, Utah and Washington State.
He recently attended the Sound Mind, Sound Body Camp near Detroit and now Michigan is also seriously involved in his recruitment. The Wolverines haven't offered yet but Norman feels it could be close. Cincinnati and Bowling Green are also way more interested.
"Ever since the Detroit trip, Michigan has been showing more interest in me," Norman said.
"As far as them offering me, their interest has boosted up a lot. I did very good out there. As it comes over time, the offer should come pretty soon. It will take time but I just have to stay patient and keep showing interest."