Norman holds one offer

Dwayne Norman, a 6-foot, 185-pound safety out of Jacksonville (Fla.) University Christian, holds one offer at this point, from the Duke Blue Devils. He has been able to travel to North Carolina on a couple of occasions to learn more about David Cutcliffe's program.
"I have been up to Duke twice and I really like what is going on up there," Norman said. "I like the football program. I like the defense a lot."
With regards to football, Norman says that he likes the direction of the Blue Devils.

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"I got the feel that they are real competitive up there in practices," Norman said. "They get after it every day. I think good things are coming in the future at Duke as far as their football team."
Also, Duke appeals to Norman due to their academic prowess.
"Their academics are very appealing," Norman said. "They really made me think about life after football and how they prepare you for that. It happens to everybody and I really like their academics. I really like that aspect of going to Duke."
Another school that the Florida product has travelled to visit is South Carolina. He will return to Columbia, S.C. this coming weekend for another visit.
"I learned that they have great tradition at South Carolina, with regards to winning and football," Norman said. "I like Coach Steve Spurrier Jr. and Coach Steve Spurrier a lot. I like the direction they are taking that team."
In addition to seeing the Gamecocks, Norman will also travel to Atlanta, Ga. to visit Georgia Tech.
"I have been communication mostly with Coach (Lamar) Owens," Norman said. "He just wants me to get up there and have a chance to talk with the coaches while getting a feel for their program."
When it comes time to separate his options, Norman knows what will help him decide.
"Academics are probably number one," Norman said. "Then it would be the competitiveness of the football team."
At this point, one school stands out to Norman.
"My leader in my recruiting process right now would be Duke," Norman said. "I think about committing every day. I think I am going to take my time, take it slow and see what happens."