No time off for McCoy

The summer for five-star Rivals100 defensive tackle Gerald McCoy could not get much busier considering he's holding down a job, doing constant interviews, and trying to find time to make phone calls to a national list of coaches.
There won't be any complaints for the Oklahoma City (Okla.) Southeast defender who still loves the attention and likes to put a positive light on the situation. Whether it's the benefit from his job or the star status he's grabbed, this young man feels very lucky.
"I'm lifting couches all day at the furniture store and that's another workout," McCoy said. "I don't even mind when the reporters call. Sometimes it can get a little out of hand, but I've never had a problem with it."

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"I also thought things would slow down with recruitment, but I still get tons of letters, text messages, and stuff from everybody."
Considering McCoy is ranked as the No. 2 defensive tackle in the country, none of this attention is really any surprise. Most top prospects are setting up visits, but he has not yet found the time to call a ton of college coaches.
"I have a feeling where I might go and that's USC and Miami," McCoy said. "Those are the first ones. The other ones I might see are Tennessee, Nebraska, LSU, Notre Dame, and Alabama off the top of my head."
The coaches he has been trying to get in contact with have been just a few. Because the coaches can't call him back, it's been difficult. However, a few names popped to the top of his list when he sat down to punch the numbers.
"I called coach (Bob) Stoops and coach (John) Blake so far and left messages, but they can't call back so I have to just keep trying," McCoy said. "Next on my list to call are coach (Larry) Coker and coach (Pete) Carroll."
"Those are just the coaches I'm cool with."
A decision may come before the February deadline, but McCoy won't tell anybody until then.
"I may decide, but if you don't tell anybody, no one will know and that's how I want it if I still want to look around," McCoy said. "I'm the type of person that will look at every option and I may have to look at certain schools several times before I make up my mind."
McCoy has also dropped at least 20 pounds of weight since he's been working out on a twice-a-day schedule over the summer.
"I've been running a lot and the heat has been up so when I work it's kept me in shape," he said. "It's been a good summer so far."