No surprises from Blandin

Josiah Blandin broke his collarbone Sunday at the Los Angeles NIKE Camp. The next day he broke the news to Arizona State's coaching staff that he wanted to commit.
It's really no surprise that Blandin, a 6-foot-4, 185-pound wide receiver from Long Beach (Calif.) Poly, decided to end things when he did since he just returned from Arizona State's junior day and loved everything about it.
In recent months, Blandin had been saying if everything went well on the visit to Tempe he would return home, talk things over with his parents and coaches and come to a decision quickly.

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That's what he did Monday.
"I came back and talked to my family and coaches and it felt perfect," Blandin said.
"I couldn't be any happier. The receivers coach took all the receivers into the meeting and he showed the offense and they pass the ball a whole lot. If they pass the ball a lot I can get some action."
Blandin said he loved Arizona's State campus and especially loved the football facilities, locker room and training room. His teammates like everything the Sun Devils offer, too.
Wide receivers Randall Goforth and Richard Smith are highly interested in Arizona State and Goforth said he is strongly considering a commitment as well. Blandin said Poly linebacker Salamo Fiso is also getting more intrigued by the school.
Now that Blandin is committed, he's trying to do everything possible to convince his Poly teammates to join him at Arizona State.
"I talked to all of them," Blandin said. "They're really about to decide too because they all really liked it. Randall is probably the closest to committing. I'm trying to get the whole unit over there. I would love it."
As for Blandin's injury, he said it's disappointing especially because he's developed such a good rhythm of working out. But he chose to take an optimistic view and be thankful that it didn't happen during his senior year.
"I'm really disappointed because I was on this roll of working out and now I have to slow down," he said. "At the same time I'm blessed it didn't happen in the summer or even worse, during the season."