No offers for Eubank but lots of interest

CORONA, Calif. - Michael Eubank is 6 feet 5, 235 pounds and his coach here at Centennial High said he can throw a football through a wall. But no offers have arrived which makes Eubank even more motivated heading into the spring and summer.
"It's very motivating," Eubank said. "You can't slack off. You can't get that cocky mentality. You haven't gotten offered yet. You still have the mentality of working hard and getting better every day."
That's one thing that Centennial coach Matt Logan said is so special about his pro-style quarterback - his work ethic. He goes hard in the weight room, in speed training, during practices, even studying the position to be the best.

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"The best thing about him is he's not close to where he's going to be, there is just so much upside to his potential," Logan said. "He has a lot of room to grow. He never played organized football until he got here as a freshman and he has just improved immensely.
"He's a very hard worker so he brought that upon himself, the thirst to get better, wanting to get better and the desire he has. He's done all the right things.
"He works tremendously hard for us not only in the weight room but in speed training and learning the position and wanting to be better. He can sling it. Not too many kids are born with that ability to throw the football."
Recruiting is slowly getting busier and there is a sense that if Eubank has good showings at camps this summer that the offers could start pouring in.
He said Southern Cal, UCLA, Florida, Michigan, Notre Dame, Washington, Arizona State and Oregon State are showing the most interest.
He plans to attend camps at USC and Arizona State, might get to Oregon State and he'll also work out at the Los Angeles Nike Camp.
Exposure is important for Eubank, who has all the physical attributes of a multiple-offer quarterback but hasn't broken through just yet.
"The (USC) Rising Stars camp is to get in front of the coaches," Eubank said. "I've been in contact with coach (Clay) Helton, the quarterbacks coach there, and he said he wanted to evaluate me so he said to come down to the camp. I decided that I was going to go. The Nike one is to see where I'm at with the competition in the state.
"Arizona State has been talking to me a lot because they just recruited (Centennial defensive end) Lee Adams from here so they're talking to me a lot. They asked me to come down too and I just got an Oregon State letter in the mail saying they were having one so I'd go up there to check it out."
It could be an action-packed off-season for Eubank as he also prepares for his senior year.
"I'm excited because I've been to a bunch of college games and I've seen the atmosphere that is around college football and I'm just excited to go play there," he said.