No offer but Riggins still excited

D.J. Riggins was hoping for an offer from Utah during his weekend visit. He didn't get it.
But the Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian running back has not soured on the Pac-12 school. If anything, his trip to Salt Lake City reaffirmed his belief that Utah is a great program, he has family there in Lucky Radley and it remains high on his wish list.
"It was really good," Riggins said. "I stayed with Lucky down there and I went to the spring game, I met all the new recruits and I saw the coaching staff, talked to them all, and they were surprised at how big I was and that surprised me because I didn't think I was very big at all.
"They said I'd fit in great in their system. The next day there was a barbecue for the spring game with all the players and I went to that and it was really cool. I ended up with no offer which I was upset about but they said they like me and they want to offer soon."
Apparently, after Riggins left campus, some of the Utah coaches talked with players about him and discussed a possible offer.
All the reviews from the players - many of them former Southern California standouts - were positive about Riggins, who has shined at numerous 7on7 events and camps including the Rivals Camp in Phoenix, so an offer could be close.
"I was talking to a few players and when I left the coaches went up to those players and asked them how I was, some of the kids from (Long Beach) Poly or the Valley, and they were talking good about me and they said the coaches really want to offer me," Riggins said. "They just wanted me to come down and make the commitment to be there to see them.
"When I went up there it was surprising because I did like it as much as I thought I would. It's a cool town. All the residents of Salt Lake City are into the college. All the players are like local celebrities. The dorms are nice and they're building new facilities that are amazing. It was exactly what I thought it would be and I'd definitely consider going there if they offered me."
The next few weeks could be really busy for Riggins since Oaks Christian's spring practice kicks off May 1. The word is that colleges will be stopping by on a daily basis and if Riggins can continue to perform well then offers could be on the way.
"Our coach told us we have a packed schedule," Riggins said. "There are going to be colleges coming every single day for like two weeks. It's going to be non-stop.
"Hopefully I get a lot during that period because a lot of colleges are e-mailing me and saying they're excited to come see me. Hopefully when they see me practicing and doing what I do in 7on7 they'll be convinced to offer me."