No leaders for Copeland

Port St. Lucie (Fla.) Treasure Coast athlete Travares Copeland hasn't narrowed things down yet. He did shed some light on the teams that he stays in the most contact with.
"Some of the main schools I am looking at are Rutgers, West Virginia, FIU, Kentucky, Cincinnati, and USF," Copeland said. "Those are just the teams that I communicate more with. I wouldn't say they are my top schools because I am open to everybody. I don't have a leader right now."
The 6-foot, 175-pound athlete, who plays quarterback at Treasure Coast, is being looked at to play a variety of positions.

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"Half of them want me as a wide receiver and the other half want me as a quarterback," Copeland said. "Cincinnati and Pitt want me as a quarterback. A couple of others do as well."
While Copeland hasn't narrowed things down yet, he is interested in scheduling two officials at this time.
"I want to try to take an official visit to West Virginia and Cincinnati," Copeland said.
Previously, he has tripped to two other schools that he keeps in regular contact with.
"I've already been to USF and Rutgers for visits," Copeland said.
He talked about his visits to South Florida and Rutgers.
"USF was a really exciting," Copeland said. "It was different. I really liked their facilities. I like the coaches, they are very intense.
"Rutgers was really different, way different than I expected," Copeland added. "I had never been up there. It was a different experience. They have different kind of talent. Their linemen are enormous, but their skill guys are just alright. But their linemen were absolutely huge."
Copeland intends to take all five of his official visits before reaching a decision.