No. 1 athlete ready for third trip

One of the nation's top five players will take his third official visit this weekend. So where is St. Petersburg (Fla.) Catholic standout Chris Davis heading to?
"I'm going to South Florida," Davis, who is 6-foot and 175 pounds, said.
"It's close to home, and I have a really good relationships with the coaches. They want me to play quarterback, and that's pretty tight."
Davis, who has also visited Boston College and Florida, is not sure about any of the other visits on his docket at this point.
He said USC, Florida State, Miami and South Carolina are potential schools that he'd trip to, but at this point he's not sure when or if he'll take those visits.
"I'm just chilling and taking my time," Davis said. "There is no rush for me. I still have plenty of time to do some thinking."