NJs Brown planning a pair of unofficials

Junior athlete Noah Brown holds three scholarships. The 6-foot-2, 195-pounder hasn't gotten out to games yet, but plans to hit up a pair of schools soon.
"I haven't gotten any new offers," he said. "I still have the offers from Boston College, Rutgers and Temple.
"I'm getting a lot of interest from West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Michigan State and Georgia Tech. They are all really interested in what I can do, but want to see my transcripts first and get me down for a visit."

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Where is Brown going?
"I haven't been able to make visits cause I've had games on Saturdays," he said. "I am planning to go to the Ohio State-Michigan game on the 24th and then Rutgers-Louisville on the 29th."
With trips coming, is there something he wants to see?
"Really, I just want to see how the environment is, check out the surrounding area and campus. I want to see good facilities and things like that."
Despite the heavy interest early, Brown claims no leaders.
"I have no early favorites, it's still really early for me," he said. "I want to stay open to all my options."
Brown helped his team to a 7-2 record as they head into the playoffs.
"I think I did a pretty good job this year," he said. "Overall, it was a productive year especially after my sophomore year I was hurt.
"I think I improved upon a lot of things, my route running and my vision. My speed improved too since I was playing running back and wide receiver."