Nixon re-working his top team list

Most players have one position that they are recruited at some even have two that some schools are looking at them playing. Mike Nixon of Phoenix Sunnyslope is a rare one because he’s getting looked at for three different positions.
"Some schools are talking to me about quarterback and others are thinking of me as a safety," he said.
"Oregon, though is talking to me about bulking about 20 pounds and playing linebacker. I think I could do that. My brother did, and it is fine, so I think I could, too."
Other than Oregon who are some of the schools the 6-foot-2 195 pound Nixon is considering?
"My top five would be UCLA, Oregon, Arizona State, Cal, Colorado or Notre Dame," he said.
"I have at one point in the last few years been at or around all of the campuses so that is a big advantage that I have over some guys."
He has gotten to know a coach from one of his favorites but has some doubts.
"I really enjoy talking to coach Stewart from Cal." He said. "The only thing is if Cal doesn't have a better season that staff may be in trouble. So I am going to wait and see how they do this year."
He attended camps at Oregon, UCLA, Cal, and San Diego State, on in particular stood out a little.
"Oregon, I liked a lot," he said.
"They have great facilities and a great money line coming in from Nike. They seem to be spending it on the right things, and I liked their recruiting coordinator I got to talk to him a little bit."