Niusulu re-affirms commitment

Zach Niusulu, a 6-3, 305 pound defensive lineman from Barstow (Calif.) had long been committed to Arizona State, but that commitment looked shaky when he tripped to Utah two weeks ago.
In the last 24 hours however, we've learned that Ziusulu has recommitted to Arizona State, telling coaches at
both schools last night that he'd stick with his original verbal.
The reason?
"Zach went back and forth between the two schools and was attracted to Utah because of its large Polynesian group of players," said a source close to the recruiting scene, "but ultimately he decided that he gave his word and living up to that and honoring it was the ultimate factor. Zach's father is a Marine and when you give your word, it's a sign of integrity and commitment that you honor."
The re-commitment from Niusulu is yet another feather in the cap of the Sun Devils as the Pac 10 school is really closing with a bang heading into Signing Day.