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Nicholson changes his leader

Manassas (Va.) Osbourn Park athlete Damian Nicholson recently changed up his leader. The 5-foot-11, 185-pounder discussed who stands out now as well as his status after a significant injury.
"My senior season is down the drain," he said. "I fractured my fibula last Thursday in a scrimmage and I'm out six to eight weeks.
"Hopefully I'll be back for the final game or two, but everything happens for a reason. I think it's God's way of letting me know how quick things can disappear and it makes me realize how big I want to play."
On the recruiting front, the offers still stand after the injury.
"All of the schools I've talked to and none of them have taken my offers away, that's still a positive," he said. "I did change East Carolina to my No. 1 schools a couple weeks ago though.
"I like the coaches a lot and I think I have a better relationship with them. Another big thing is that they play on grass, I like that a lot too. Hopefully I'll be taking a visit down there in the next couple weeks for one of their games."
To date, Nicholson hasn't been to Greenville.
"A lot of people say it's a nice school down there," he said. "I have been to North Carolina a lot of times, but from talking to people, they tell me I'll be in love with East Carolina, with the environment and stuff like that."
One other factor is playing into it for the two-star.
"They will be letting me play offense at slot," he said. "That's a big priority for me now. I don't think I want to play defense in college.
"I think I'm special on offense already and as a college player I just fit in on offense. That is what I've done for 15 years and I feel comfortable with. I think I can be special on defense, but there is a lot more learning which could make me feel uncomfortable."
Nicholson noted one other school continues to be in touch along with the other two offers in Liberty and Charlotte.
"I've talked to Old Dominion a lot in the last two weeks, that's the only other school I've heard anything from."
Nicholson noted he is far from a sure decision.
"I'm keeping my options open, schools want me to visit and I'll make that extra effort."