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NFL comps of top prospects: Defense

NFL comp: Patrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals
This was a pretty easy choice because Peterson has good size, he's a willing
tackler in the run game and, most importantly, he's very instinctive when it
comes to the position. Marshall reads routes very well, is hard to set up and
can play press or off coverage. He's not the special teams threat that Peterson
is, but he has a similar style and technique.
Derwin James 
Haines City (Fla.)
NFL comp: Kam Chancellor, Seattle Seahawks
James will probably never get as big as Chancellor, but he could create as much
havoc on the field because he's a freak athlete. He flies to the football,
arrives with a thump and has a knack for making big plays either in the
secondary or close to the line of scrimmage. Chancellor is essentially an
athletic linebacker who plays safety and James will be a terror all over the
field as well.
Kahlil McKenzie 
Concord (Calif.) Clayton Valley Charter 
NFL comp: Vince Wilfork, New England Patriots
Who else can you compare the 360-pounder to in the NFL? Heck, he's bigger than
Wilfork and taller but both big man have such light feet and incredible
athleticism that they can make plays they shouldn't and don't get caught up in
the wash. McKenzie is the biggest player I've ever seen at the high school level
who can move the way he does.
Trenton Thompson 
Albany (Ga.) Westover School 
NFL comp: Ndamukong Suh, Detroit Lions
Thompson doesn't quite have the nasty streak that Suh has, but neither did Suh in
high school (for the most part). But he is an athletic gap-shooter who has very
good balance, anticipates the play well and can burst into the backfield on run
or passing plays to disrupt timing. Thompson has good size, handles double-teams
well and can work down the line and run down plays from behind as well.
Tarvarus McFadden 
Plantation (Fla.) American Heritage 
NFL comp: Aquib Talib, Denver Broncos
Finding a taller cornerback that reminds us of McFadden wasn't easy because he
is filled out and bigger already than some of the tall, skinny cornerbacks in
the NFL. Talib is well built, covers bigger receivers well and has good speed.
He's also a physical tackler and a guy who anticipates well, which is exactly
what McFadden brings to the table.
Keisean Lucier-South 
Orange (Calif.) Lutheran 
NFL comp: Justin Houston, Kansas City Chiefs
This is a very heady comparison and it's a bit of a stretch I'll admit, but most
of these are, right? Houston almost set the sack record this past year in
the NFL and is an amazing pass rusher while Lucier-South projects as a guy who
could play with his hand down or standing up. Lucier-South is also an elite pass
rusher and has good length and a natural instinct to get the quarterback in
pursuit. He needs to get more physical to match Houston, but he could be special
in a few years.
Daron Payne 
Birmingham (Ala.) Shades Valley 
NFL comp: Marcell Dareus, Buffalo Bills
Why not compare an immovable object headed to Alabama to a former immovable
object that dominated for the Tide and is now one of the best run stuffers in
the NFL? Payne is a slightly better natural pass rusher than Dareus and he will
play more in a 4-3 set than Dareius had to, but the comparison is easy to make.
Payne could have a similar career and a similar NFL path if he continues to
CeCe Jefferson 
Glen St. Mary (Fla.) Baker County 
NFL comp: Charles Johnson, Carolina Panthers
Jefferson is a hard comparison because he's such a tweener. He plays at his
best inside and off of contact, but he projects outside and isn't the tallest
defensive end. Johnson isn't either, but he's a bad man and when Jefferson gets
up into the 280 range, he could be very similar. Both players are good against
the run, have a knack for making big plays and can rush the passer very well
because of excellent inside moves and a nasty shoulder dip.
Christian Wilkins 
Suffield (Conn.) Suffield Academy 
NFL comp: Gerald McCoy, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Wilkins is an athletic gap-shooter as a 3-tech who can get after the passer and
has a high level of athleticism. The same can be said for McCoy, a former five-star who has off-the-charts get-off and quickness in space. Wilkins will have to
have an amazing career to match McCoy, but the tools are there.
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