Next few weeks crucial for Dimel

Winston Dimel doesn't intend to wait forever.
The 6-foot fullback holds just one scholarship offer and is, at least for now, trying to collect a few more. The hesitance schools are showing when it comes to pulling the trigger is understandable. Dimel's lone invitation is from Kansas State, and the Manhattan (Kan.) High School standout lives with the team's offensive coordinator.
Winston Dimel is, of course, the son of Wildcat offensive coordinator Dana Dimel. The connection is no secret and other programs are stepping softly around the situation. On the surface, the conclusion seems forgone. Logic says Dimel will graduate high school, elect to stay home and play in his father's offense.

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So why hasn't he already made things official?
Well, legacy or not, Dimel is waiting for other suitors. The 215-pound senior-to-be thinks they're coming soon and says he'll give them a lot more than a simple courtesy situation should they arrive.
"My main two schools aside from K-State are Oklahoma and Arkansas," Dimel said on Thursday. "They're the ones I'm most interested in besides K-State. I recently just went to both their camps. I want to Oklahoma's three-day camp. I went to Arkansas' one-day camp. At Arkansas, I've been talking a lot to coach Michael Smith. And then at Oklahoma, I talked to Coach (Bob) Stoops while I was there, but I mostly talk to Coach (Cale) Gundy, the running backs coach. My dad kind of handles the other schools for me."
Dimel left both camps without an offer but is interested enough in each program to wait … at least for a while. He won't sit around for months pining for an offer from either school but thinks it's wise to give both staff's some time. The next few weeks will be important.
Dimel is more optimistic about an Arkansas offer than he is about one from Oklahoma. But that's not to say he's ruling the Sooners out completely.
"Oklahoma says they're still discussing whether or not they are going to take a fullback," Dimel said. "I think that if they decide to, I'm definitely up there. I think I have a chance of getting an offer."
By the same token, waiting forever isn't something that interests Dimel. He's set a loose timetable and thrown down a bit of an ultimatum. If other schools are interested in courting the three-star prospect, they better hop to it. His recruitment is nearing its conclusion.
"I think that if other schools don't pull the trigger pretty soon here in the next couple weeks, I'm just going to commit to K-State and get this recruiting over with," he said. "It will be nice to focus on my senior year of high school and the season."