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Newsome visits Penn State

Rivals250 quarterback Kevin Newsome took his third official visit this past weekend to Penn State. Rivals.com caught up with the 6-foot-3, 217-pounder to find out about his visit to State College.
"It was real nice," he said. "It snowed every day, but I tell you Penn State is a great school.
"I got there on Friday and hung out with the football players. I did the same thing on Saturday. They also took me around the campus and showed me a good time."
Newsome was hosted on the trip by starting quarterback Daryll Clark.
"Oh man, Daryll is great," he said. "He's a great guy, very intelligent, very intelligent. He's a lot smarter than people perceive him to be. He's very smart, that's the first thing you notice.
"He told me how he had to wait awhile to play, but of course patience made him a better player and when his time came he was ready because Jay Paterno prepared him for it."
The Portsmouth (Va.) Churchland prospect met many other players on the trip.
"I talked to every player, just about everybody," he said. "A lot of the guys embraced me, but the same thing happened at Virginia Tech. It was cold, but I loved it."
On Sunday, Newsome met with the coaches.
"I got to talk to Joe Paterno," he said. "He told me I need to learn to roar like a lion.
"I can tell you this is going to be tough, I love Virginia Tech, I love Penn State too."
Recently Newsome received visits from both schools, Bryan Stinespring, Mike O'Cain and Curt Newsome from Virginia Tech and Bill Kenney and Jay Paterno from Penn State.
"It felt like I had friends at my house," he said. "People tell me, wow you've got coaches over, but they treated me like I'm a young man. They didn't blow my head up. They told me what I need to get better and I appreciate that. It was nice to have both coaching staffs over."
The No. 4 dual-threat quarterback in the nation confirmed his intentions to announce a decision at the Army All-American game in January. He also maintains his plan to still enroll in college in January as well.
In the meantime, what is Newsome up to?
"I'm getting ready for college," he said. "My dad is my personal trainer, every day I'm throwing with him. I've gained about 20-pounds and am up to 225. I would like to be at 230 by the end of my senior year of college. I still want the ability to run around back there."