Newberry hauling in loads of offers

Giorgio Newberry is quickly becoming one of the most coveted defenders in the entire country. The 2011 prospect is 6-foot-5, 257 pounds with great length and natural athleticism. A recent slew of offers that have rolled in go a long way towards legitimizing that claim.
Of late, Newberry has added offers from Stanford, Florida, LSU, Florida State, Clemson, Rutgers, West Virginia, Boston College, NC State and North Carolina. At this point though, Newberry is taking all the attention in stride.
"I'm just letting the offers come to me," Newberry said. "I'm not too much worried about offers because I got a lot of time to worry about the school I'm going to because I'll have a lot of offers of course."

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Currently, Newberry is staying busy playing basketball and leading his team on a playoff run. However, ever since starting football his freshman year, it's been clear where Newberry's future would lie.
"Basketball is just to keep me in shape and to work on my feet," he said. "It's not really a big sport, I just like to play it. It was my sophomore year I think when I thought I was pretty good at football. Everyone was telling me what a good football player I was going to be. It was a reality check. I never thought about it but I realized I was a good football player."
Newberry's first offer came in that sophomore year from Iowa State. Since then, he has landed offers from almost all of the big-time programs nationwide with only a few exceptions.
"I'm waiting on like USC, Ohio State and Notre Dame," he said. "I'm looking for those offers and there's probably a few others but those are the top three I'm waiting on."
Newberry claims to have grown up a fan of all the Florida schools equally but could see himself landing out of the state as well. In the meantime, he is still in the process of scheduling his spring.
"I got a camp coming up, the Nike Training Camp. I'm planning on going to that one but from there I don't know. I'm talking about going to a few summer camps too but I don't know which ones yet."
With all of the attention, Newberry is taking the right approach to the process.
"Maurice, my mentor, he told me all about the process so he told me how to react and respond to things and how it happens," he said. "I'm pretty much used to it now. He just told me to be humble about everything."
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