New timeline for Darrell Scott

Between now and February, there likely won't be any player discussed more than Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure running back Darrell Scott. In fact, there has already been a years worth of rumors and misinformation on Scott and you can bet things won't slow down once recruiting really gets going for the nation's top back.
Scott, 6-0, 205 pounds is arguably the best player we've seen on the NIKE Camp tour this year. He's an incredible prospect who showed every physical tool you could want in a big time back but it was the intangibles that really put him over the top at the recent NIKE Camp at Stanford.
Scott is one of those players who jumps off the screen when you watch him on film. There is no denying his physical talent but one huge benefit of seeing a player at one of the NIKE Camps is you're able to find out a lot more about the athlete than just his physical ability.

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What we learned about Scott is although blessed with incredible gifts, he also brings a lot more to the table.
"This kid gets it," lead NIKE RB coach Jake Campbell said. "He worked hard out there and didn't big time any of the drills. He was helping out some of the other backs in the drills, had a positive attitude all day and really competed hard.
"You don't always see that. A lot of the times, the guys with the big offers come out here and either just want to watch from the sideline or go through the motions on the field but Scott put in some serious work and you can tell the guy is a competitor. He's definitely the best back I've seen any of the camps so far."
For Scott, competition is something he thrives on and the sole reason why he attended the NIKE camp.
"I love to compete, it's that simple," Scott said. "My goal was to win camp MVP honors and I was really motivated to get out there and do my best. I know some players with offers don't think they need to be out here but for me, it's the opposite. I think if you have offers, you need to be out here to prove it and compete against other players. If you're that good, you have no excuse to be out here, you should have nothing to hide and being at St. Bonny, that's what we're about, competing and showing it on the field."
One rumor we've heard recently had Scott transferring out of St. Bonny, possibly even out of state.
"Are you kidding me," Scott said. "I'm not going anywhere, I've never heard that one but that's crazy. I think people may have started that one because Coach Mack left here but I'm staying, I love it at St. Bonny and I plan to be here all year."
There were also rumors that Scott had named a top three which included one school that wasn't even in his recently cut down top 10 list.
"That was crazy too," Scott said. "I know I named a top 10 but really, I'm still open. Coach Mack saw that I was getting pretty stressed out with recruiting so he kind of pinned me down and said I needed to cut this down to 10 schools so that's what I did.
"Since then, Nebraska and Notre Dame have been on me like crazy and I'm still going to listen to them. My goal is to possibly cut my list to five by the end of the summer and then take all my trips during the season or shortly after.
"I was going to make an early commitment but I'm going to wait until Signing Day now because of a T.V show that is being filmed about me and the recruiting process.
"Right now, four schools I know I want to visit are Florida, Florida State, Colorado and Michigan. I might try and take some unofficial visits too and the in-state schools like UCLA, USC and Cal, I can visit those schools any time.
"Those seven along with LSU, Texas and Miami are my 10 right now. The No. 1 thing I'm looking for in a school is where can I play early, I mean right away. That is definitely most important to me, I want to play as a true freshman.
"Winning is important to me too, if you're not out there to win, why even be on the field? Distance is not a factor for me, I'll go anywhere but I really don't have a preference right now and like I said, I really don't have a top five or anything but hopefully I'll be able to narrow things down in a month or so and then we'll go from there."