New teams move in on kicker

Some times bad things can turn into good things.
That's what two star kicker/punter Brett Upson is hoping. After originally being scheduled to visit Ball State and Rice this weekend and next, there have been chances that effected his status with those schools, but there was good news when a few other players stepped into the race.
"After a couple of recruiting meetings, Ball State decided not to scholarship a kicker, so I didn't go this weekend," Upson said. "

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And with the changes at Rice with the head coach, I guess I won't be going there on a visit next week either.
"The kicking coach said he thinks he'll keep his job, so they'll still be recruiting me."
So what's the good news?
"I got a call last week from USC," he said.
The USC?
"Yeah, the one out in California," he said. "They liked my tape and are going to look at me as a punter. I'm not sure where I stand with them since it was the first time they called, but they said they liked what they saw."
Upson also said he made the final cut with two other players on whether or not they will get a scholarship offer from Ole Miss.
"I should find out about that soon, too," he said.