New Smyrna Beach OL is a player

Doug Justice was one of the top players in Florida two years ago so it's no surprise that his younger brother Steven Justice is following in his footsteps. Doug is a redshirt freshman linebacker at North Carolina, but Steven is a star on the offensive line.
Justice, who is 6-foot-4 and 265 pounds, is currently at New Smyrna Beach High School after transferring from Spruce Creek before his junior season. He had a host of schools come by his high school during the May evaluation period-- at least 15. His phone was also ringing off the hook, Justice estimated that at least 20 schools called.
"I had UNC, Florida State, Florida, Syracuse, Tennessee, all the military schools, UCF, Georgia Southern, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Wake Forest, and Clemson all come by my high school," Justice said.

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Justice has received scholarship offers from Wake Forest and Southern Mississippi. Is he ready to name any favorite schools?
"No, not yet," Justice said. "I'm just still wide open to everybody and I'm just taking it all in. I don't have any favorites."
Steven said he would probably remain in the Southeast, but distance isn't going to be a factor with him. He is open to any school in any part of the country.
"I am going to look at of course the academics," Justice said. "I want to look at the class sizes too. I would rather not have huge numbers of kids in a class so that I can get a little one-on-one help with a teacher if I needed it. I want to make sure the coaching staff is what I want in a coaching staff. I want to see that the football team is going to be on the uprise and that at the very least they're going to improve in a couple years. I'd like to be in a nice town, like a town where everybody seems to know each other."
New Smyrna Beach went 10-3 last season and advanced far into the state playoffs. Justice recorded 19 roach blocks and graded out at 89 percent playing on the line. Steven also received a couple honors after his junior year-- he was named first team All-State and All-Central Florida.
Steven said he believes colleges would want him to play either offensive guard or center.
"I was at tackle last year but they moved me to guard for spring and they'll probably keep me at guard this year," Justice said. "I've never played center."
Justice said his favorite college team growing up was Penn State.
"I was born in Pennsylvania and when I was little kid I always loved Penn State," Justice said. "I had all the hats and everything. They sent me some letters. They didn't call or anything but I have gotten a couple letters from them."
Favorite player?
"When I was at tackle I liked Tony Bosselli. Of course everybody loves Tony Bosselli."
Steven attended North Carolina's spring game to watch his brother, Doug.
"Right now they have him listed as the middle linebacker starter," Steven said. "He redshirted last year."
Steven said he is attending UNC's football camp from June 12-14 and the Down & Dirty linemen camp in Lakeland during July.