New school in the mix for Ben Olson

Not only is December the time of the year when recruiting really heats up, but it’s also the time of the year when the majority of coaching changes take place, which really makes things exciting. What impact will one of the recent job openings have on quarterback Ben Olson?
Olson, 6-5, 225 pounds and formerly of BYU has taken one official visit, to Arizona State two weeks ago and is still planning on taking at least three more of his trips.
“I’m going to the UCLA-USC game this Saturday but I’m still not sure if I’ll make that an official or unofficial visit,” Olson said. “I have a lot of friends visiting that weekend so I might just go hang out with them at the game but I’m still not sure yet, I’ll figure that out later. If I don’t make it an official, I’ll take a visit there later in December.

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“I’m also still planning to visit Oregon and Cal but haven’t locked in any dates yet. I’ve been talking to Coach Tedford at Cal a lot lately and it’s just a matter of getting a date that works for both of us, same thing with Oregon. ASU and Coach Koetter will be coming over for a home visit later tonight and right now, I would say those are the four main schools I’m looking at.”
Olson did say he would give a hard look at Stanford if a certain prominent offensive coordinator gets the job.
“I’ve heard Norm Chow is up for that job and if he takes, I would be very interested in Stanford,” Olson said. “Everyone knows what a great offensive mind Coach Chow is and I looked pretty hard at Stanford in high school so I’m already familiar with the school. Right now is just a crazy time with all the job openings going on. I’m just going to sit tight and take everything in before making a decision because it seems like there is so much up in the air right now.”