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New offers for Massachusetts TE

Cambridge (Mass.) Buckingham Browne & Nichols junior tight end Blake Barker has firmly established himself as one of the top prospects in the Northeast.
Barker's stock has never been higher, and he recently picked up two new offers from BCS programs.
Penn State and Syracuse are the latest schools to offer the 6-foot-6, 230-pound prospect.
"Well, my coach talked to the (Penn State) coaches last week," he explained. "I talked to them, too. Last week they told my coach they would offer. They just wanted to see my transcripts.
"So I sent that to them then I talked to the coaches on the phone. They said they would send the offer on Friday. It hasn't come in the mail yet but it's on the way.
"Just this morning my coach called me and told me Syracuse told him they had offered me."
Barker said he enjoyed a recent trip to Stanford, though location may be a factor that works against the Cardinal in the long run.
He also said he wants to try to attend an event at Duke before too long.