New Jerseys fastest for 2006

Ramsey (N.J.) Don Bosco Prep athlete Ryan Lindsey put on a solid show at the Elite College Combine and won the title of fastest prospect with a 4.29-second 40-yard dash. What did the 5-foot-8, 170-pounder think of his performance and has it earned him more attention in the recruiting process?
"I thought it was great, it was one of the best times I ran in the 40," he said. "I ran 4.29-second in the 40 and 4.2 shuttle. I can do better than that, but I thought I ran well.
"I felt pretty good in one-on-ones," he said. "I went up against Anthony Ferla and Aaron Berry. I went up against some of the best defensive backs there, I went up pretty much against everybody. I played wide receiver because I feel more dominant on the offensive side of the ball. I got eight to ten reps and caught every ball except one."
What did the receiver show scouts at the combine?
"I think I definitely showed my speed, that was big," he said. "Everyone was surprised by that. I also showed them my ability in the one-on-ones."
Currently, Lindsey still holds a lone offer from Rutgers, although he's seeing a lot of interest from four schools.
"The top schools showing interest are Rutgers, Michigan State, Maryland and Virginia," he said. "Those are the biggest schools right now, but it's hard to say who my favorite is because I'm open to anywhere. I'm also receiving interest from Boston College, North Carolina, Louisville, Iowa and Penn State."
One thing that has stood out to Lindsey is the ACC.
"I've liked the ACC conference," he said. "You can't go wrong with the Big East, but the ACC is coming out more and I like the campuses and education in the ACC. That's not 100% of my decision, but that's my leading conference right now. They've got a lot of speed and quickness there and that's where I see myself."
With the evaluation period going on, Lindsey has received visits from coaches from Tennessee, Michigan State, Maryland, Kansas, Northeastern, Louisville and Virginia. The prospect hasn't really seen much in the way of calls so far. From what he's been told, some of the visits have stood out a little bit.
"Definitely Maryland, Virginia, Rutgers, Michigan State and North Carolina stuck out as far as the interest their showing according to my coach," he said. "Just because of the impression I got from the coaches, I couldn't talk to them, but what I saw."
Lindsey has no time frame when it comes to making a decision, but he is planning to visit Maryland, Virginia and Michigan State this summer. What will he be looking for on the trips?
"I'm pretty much looking at everything," he said. "I want to get a view of everything and see where I fit in most. I want to see where I see myself."
Lindsey plans to attend two or three camps this summer, but has yet to decide where.
As far as preparing for the season, Lindsey is looking to improve on offense and defense.
"I'm definitely working on running my routes and making plays on defense," he said. "Every year I'm trying to get better in everything. Last year I got better in my blocking and this year hopefully something else pops up."
With the fact that he plays both wide receiver and corner, what are most colleges looking at for Lindsey on the next level?
"It's pretty even right now between wide receiver and corner," he said. "I don't really have a preference; I'll play wherever as long as I get on the field."
Lindsey hauled in 41 catches for 749 yards and eight touchdowns, he added 9 kickoff returns for 205 yards as he was named first team all-league, third team all-county, second team all-city and honorable mention all-state.