New attention for Alfieri

Joey Alfieri has a good problem - his highlight tape is too long, he has too many plays to show to college coaches.
So the Portland (Ore.) Jesuit outside linebacker in the 2014 class worked on shortening it this past weekend and he's planning to send it to numerous schools in the coming weeks.
His recruitment has gotten a little busier but his only offer is still from Oregon State. After coaches see what Alfieri did in his junior season things could pick up dramatically.

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"This weekend I was working on fixing my highlight film and making it shorter," Alfieri said. "Right now it's really long. I want to get it down to three or four minutes of my best plays and send it out to coaches. Right now it's like 10 minutes long. I have to make it a little shorter.
"The thing is I haven't really been talking to coaches face-to-face. I can only bump into them a little bit. They were talking to my head coach and that was a couple weeks ago and I haven't seen him recently to talk to him about what they said."
Oregon State offered the 6-foot-3, 215-pound prospect who has outstanding junior film and he said coaches from Stanford and Oregon have also stopped by his school.
There is also some new interest from the Big Ten and SEC so the Portland Jesuit standout is encouraged that things could pick up once signing day wraps up.
"Everything is pretty much the same right now," Alfieri said. "A few coaches stopped by my school and I can't really talk to them because of NCAA rules but Stanford has come a couple times and a coach from Oregon has come a few times.
"The schools that are talking to me are Nebraska and Missouri and pretty much all the same schools. Nothing else has really happened in the past couple weeks. It's been kind of slow. I think they're trying to finish up the recent class."
No unofficial visits are planned yet for Alfieri, who helped lead his team to a 12-win season as a junior.