Netter had a busy May

Alex Netter of Santa Rosa (Calif.) Cardinal Newman is one of the top line prospects in Northern California and he's getting the type of attention you'd expect from a big-time prospect.
"The colleges that called me this month were San Diego State, San Jose State, Wyoming, Nevada, UNLV, Princeton and UC-Davis and then I received hand-written letters from Army, Arizona, and also UNLV," Netter, who is 6-foot-5 and 250 pounds, said.
"San Diego State said I'm pretty close to an offer. I'm not sure if it means close like soon or in the fall or if I improve. Then UNLV said they're really interested in me, too, and it sounded like they might offer soon."

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Netter plays on both sides of the football as a tackle and a defensive end. He said a lot of schools see him at different positions.
"Half the schools want me to for offensive line and the others say they definitely want me at defensive end with body size and quickness I have," he said. "I'm mainly right now half and half on which one I like more. I play both ways and I like doing both pretty equally. It just depends on the school and where I fit into their system.
"Coaches are excited about my athletic ability and my size. It's just the weight I need to put on. They're really anxious to see my senior film to see if I can gain some weight to my frame."
Netter will be camping this summer at Cal with is team, and he's not sure about other stops.
"I'm going to Cal-Berkley football camp with my team and as for individual I'm not sure which camp I'll go to," he said. "There have been a few schools who have asked me to come to their camps, but I'm not sure if I'm going to do any of the individual ones.
"I went to UNLV's Junior Day, and I signed the form for an unofficial visit there and I'm set up for an unofficial with San Jose State for early June. UNLV said they were going have me out for an official in January. I'll probably go to most of the officials that ask me to take one that are on my interest list."
Netter would like to commit early if he can.
"I would like to commit to a school verbally before the season, but it's not a big deal if not," he said. "If I need to I can wait until after the fall comes around to see which schools I get offers from.
"Some important factors are location definitely. I'm kind of looking to stay somewhere on the West Coast in Arizona, California, Nevada, Washington or Oregon. Then the coaching staff is pretty important to me and being able to talk to them and get along with them well.
"Academics have become pretty important to me, too, since Princeton and Northwestern started showing quite a bit of interest. It has gotten me to think of academics a lot and since I have a decent sat and good GPA it's something that will be important."