Neighborhood giving it to Youngblood

News around Reginald Youngblood’s neighborhood is that the all-everything offensive lineman from Houston Booker T. Washington has committed somewhere.
“Everybody in the neighborhood is telling me where to go,” he laughs. “And everyone has their own preference – LSU, Texas Miami. I’m getting tired of it, so I just tell them I’m going to Prairie View A&M.”
Don’t grab the heart defibulator yet Mack Brown, Larry Coker, Nick Saban or Bob Stoops, because Youngblood is putting us on.’s No. 8 prospect is still enjoying the recruiting process and has a top seven entering fall drills.
“I got Texas, Oklahoma, LSU, Miami, Florida State, Tennessee and Nebraska in my top seven now,” Youngblood, who is 6-foot-5 and 280 pounds, said. “Nebraska just moved in. I really like coach (Turner) Gill.”
It doesn’t appear that Youngblood will commit prior to the season, and says he will be watching the college football season intently.
“I’m going to be watching the coaching situation at these schools and how they perform,” he said. “Like Texas, they are too good and have too many good athletes not to be playing in a major BCS bowl. Not the Holiday Bowl.”
But don’t expect him to be looking at depth charts and who’s already committed, he said.
“I won’t really be watching where my competition is going, like other offensive lineman recruits,” he said. “I know the competition is going to be tough at any school I choose. I know I’m going to win a spot that is just how I am.”
Youngblood will be attending several college games this season and has unofficially visited a few schools to date. He attended LSU’s camp and visited the University of Texas this summer.
“I’m really ready to ball,” he said. “I can’t wait to get these two-a-days out of the way. I’m taking this week off to rest and prepare.”
He’s just checking his mailbox this week, staying in the air conditioning and reading some letters.
“My shoebox count is getting higher and higher,” he says of his college letters. “I’m just reading the handwritten ones, now.”