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Nebrich stunned by Edsalls move

The news of Randy Edsall's departure from Connecticut was stunning to Burke (Va.) Lake Braddock quarterback Michael Nebrich. The 6-foot-1, 190-pounder reacted to the move and what is next for him inside.
"I mean, overall, really I'm just shocked," he said. "Not really that he took the job, but how fast it all happened. A couple weeks ago he came over reassuring me he'd be there and now he's leaving like this.
"I've talked to a couple assistant coaches and tried Coach Edsall, but he didn't answer. The assistants were saying none of them knew he was interested in any of the jobs. I got a call from Coach Moorhead who just landed back from Arizona. He told me it was the first time he heard about it. He was in as much shock as anybody else. They are going to have a staff meeting tomorrow to figure out everything."
The news definitely has an impact on Nebrich's potential commitment to the Huskies.
"It absolutely does," he said. "Right now I'm still a Connecticut commit, but you know, the option is open to talk to other schools.
"I haven't talked to any schools yet, but who knows what'll happen the next few days. My family and me especially are in awe of what happened."
Still, as of now Nebrich is sticking with Connecticut.
"Everybody talks about going up for football, but it's also the academic side of it," he said. "Connecticut is a top of the line school and it's gorgeous. I fell in love with the school. Even with Coach Edsall leaving, he was a big part of my decision to go, but the school won me over with everything they had to offer. That's the big thing keeping me with UConn."
The three-star prospect finished this season throwing for 3,869-yards and rushing for 1,200 along with 59 total touchdowns as he broke three Virginia high school records of total offense, passing yards in a season and completions in a season.
"We did really well," he said. "We finished the year in the top five in the state and lost in the state semifinals.
"It was a disappointing end to the year, but we really turned Lake Braddock around and I'll always take that with me."