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Nebraska coaches take in HBU camp

Recruiting Wrap: Matthews is waiting for everything to really pick up steam but Illinois, Iowa State, North Texas and San Diego State have shown an interest.
Performance: The 6-foot-3, 195-pound quarterback was quick to catch attention. He stood tall and he was polished. He has a high release point and he spins the ball well. He was also one of the more consistent quarterbacks. His accuracy and placement made him a favorite of receivers in one-on-one play.
Jack Sides
Dallas (Texas) Highland Park
Recruiting Wrap: Sides has received scholarship offers from Army, Columbia and Northwestern State.
Performance: Sides worked some at guard and center, but his best work was at center. His feet put him very high on the list. Not only was he light on his feet, but he kept a strong base throughout drills. He was also able to get the snap back quick and consistently get into his opponent during one-on-ones. It was a very strong performance from beginning to end for Sides.
Kyle Copeland
Bonham (Texas)
Recruiting Wrap: Copeland has received some attention from Abilene Christian and Texas A&M-Commerce but many are keeping an eye on the tall quarterback.
Performance: Copeland first caught attention as he went through drills. His big frame and smooth stride set him apart during drill work. Some thought he might be a tight end. However, once position drills got started he showed he could sling the ball around. His mechanics could use some work but he put some nice velocity on the ball and he did a good job of giving his receivers a chance to make a play.
Creighton Sanders
Wichita (Kan.) Wichita Heights
Recruiting Wrap: Sanders received his first scholarship recently. It was a track scholarship from Navy. He is also attracting attention from Wichita State on the baseball field. In football he has Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Oregon and Arkansas taking a look.
Performance: Sanders quickly passed the eyeball test and he was one of the top testers of the day. He is a bigger defensive back and has a nice build. He also showed some impressive range, lateral speed and change of direction throughout drills and one-on-ones. In one-on-ones he showed an impressive ability to stick with receivers. He did a nice job of using his size to help recover when in trail position and he showed nice instincts and timing to make a play on the ball.
Nate Shelton
Sachse (Texas) - 2017
Recruiting Wrap: Shelton has been busy on the camp circuit and he has made an impression on coaches at UNLV, Baylor and other stops.
Performance: Shelton is a solid receiver at 6-foot-1 and 185 pounds. He was probably the most well-built receiver on hand Thursday night. He also showed he was more than someone who could pass the eyeball test. His blend of speed and power was very impressive. He was quick in and out of his breaks as well as coming off the line. Then he showed he was more than capable of finishing strong with very good hands.
Matthew Yarbrough
Sachse (Texas)
Recruiting Wrap: Yarbrough is receiving interest from ULM, UTSA, Sam Houston, North Texas and Incarnate Word right now.
Performance: The stout defensive tackle may be a bit sawed off but he is thick and he is quick. He has the ability to get up and down the line with his lateral quickness and he also has the ability to dip his shoulder and cut the edge to get pressure in the offensive backfield. There were not many in attendance Thursday who stood a chance in one-on-ones as he used an impressive combination of quickness and power.
Canon Martinka
Pflugerville (Texas) Hendrickson
Recruiting Wrap: UTSA has shown some interest and Martinka plans to graduate in December to enroll early at his school of choice.
Performance: Martinka was not a guy who just jumped out at first. As a matter of fact he looked like some of the linemen at the camp at 6-foot-2 and 220 pounds. Then he started testing and he showed plenty of speed, and it was quickly realized he was not on hand to compete in the trenches. During one-on-one drills he showed some very nice lateral quickness and did a great job of using his length to get a hand in to make a play in coverage.
Jacob Yandell
Allen (Texas)
Recruiting Wrap: Texas State has offered Yandell and interest has come from Texas Tech and Nebraska.
Performance: The big thing that caught attention with Yandell is his frame. He is on the skinny side right now, but he has long arms and room to add weight. He is also quite the athlete and showed a lot of range from his outside linebacker position. His lateral quickness was very nice and he did a great job of using those long arms to get in passing lanes throughout one-on-ones.
Mariano Diaz
Irving (Texas)
Recruiting Wrap: Diaz is at the beginning of his recruiting process.
Performance: Diaz moved better than any other offensive lineman in attendance and could end up on the defensive line. Thursday night he spent his time working at center and he gave Sides a strong run for the top offensive lineman at the event. Diaz first caught attention during testing as he moved very naturally during drills. Then he showed off some great footwork in one-on-ones.
Zachary Gilson
Sachse (Texas) - 2018
Recruiting Wrap: Nebraska has taken notice of Gilson's talents.
Performance: Long, lean and young are the best ways to describe Gilson. He showed a great change of direction during testing and he shows really good coordination for such a young prospect with a big frame. During one-on-ones his age seemed to show a little bit, but there was no denying the potential he showed. He may end up being the best prospect at this camp when all is said and done.
Derrick Mayweather
Fort Worth (Texas) Chisholm Trail
Recruiting Wrap: Mayweather is currently receiving interest from North Texas, Stanford and San Diego State.
Performance: The linebacker was a late arrival and when he walked in everyone turned his direction. He definitely looked the part at 6-foot-2 and 215 pounds. He was the most well-built prospect at the camp. During testing he was getting stretched out and did not seem to jump right in, but he showed some very nice lateral quickness and the ability to cover during one-on-ones. He is capable of playing both inside and outside linebacker.
Romel Price
Dallas (Texas) Lake Highlands
Recruiting Wrap: Price has been hitting the camp circuit hard and is beginning to see interest build.
Performance: Price is a big receiver with a nice frame. He worked at both inside and outside receiver, and showed some very nice hands. He did a good job of catching the ball with his hands and not letting it get into his body. He was not the quickest guy off the ball, but he ran good routes and used his size well to shield defenders.
Jason Howell
Mid-South Recruiting Analyst
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