Neal talks Clemson and looks ahead

Lewis Neal has to be loving life right about now.
The excitement is evident in his voice when you talk to him.
The Wilson (N.C.) Hunt junior, ranked the No. 16 weakside defensive end in the nation by Rivals.com, visited Clemson this past weekend and was absolutely blown away.

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It was Neal's first trip to the ACC school and while he had heard great things about Clemson it seems like the trip exceeded even his high expectations.
"Oh man, it was crazy," Neal said. "It went well. Everybody there is like a family. That's the thing that impressed me the most. All the fans are all about Clemson. That's all they talk about. It's just Clemson. It's crazy how they treat it like that."
It wasn't just the fans that blew Neal away. The coaches also caught him off guard with their enthusiasm.
"I talked to every single one of them. When I walked in they all swarmed to me," Neal said. "They took me to Coach Swinney while everybody else was on a tour. You could tell they really want me. When I'm saying they were all over me I mean they were all over me. There were other recruits there and it wasn't like that with all of them."
Neal maintains he doesn't have any favorites but Clemson will be near the top of his list until the end.
"I know they're going to be up near the top," he said. "I don't know where. I'm not singling anybody out at the top or below there."
This coming weekend should be another big one for Neal.
"I'll be at Ohio State. There are supposed to be like 80 or 90,000 people there. I heard on Twitter they're supposed to be chanting my name," Neal laughed. "I can't wait to hear that."