NC State lands local safety

NC State acquired two commitments earlier this evening both from the same school. One is a 5-foot-11, 175-pound safety out of nearby Chapel Hill, N.C.
"I'm real happy," safety Peter Singer said about his pledge to NC State. "I love everything about State. I know that is a bland statement, but I like the academics., coaches and the team seems really close to each other and everything seems right. My family really supports it and I have a family history with NC State blood in me."
Was location a key factor as well?
"It's kind of perfect," he said. "It's not too close, my mom won't drop in on me."
Singer gave further comments on his choice.
"I'm just really excited," he said. "This is a big decision in my life and I'm happy about it."
Singer's father, Peter Sr. went further about his son's decision.
"We talked with Coach Reed earlier tonight and he is one of those diamond's in the rough, he's a playmaker and they'll be getting a very good one," he said. "There was a myriad of reasons he chose NC State. State got in very early on him and then when we evaluated the staffs and listened to them, I was reading the character of the men.
"I wanted people with high integrity who understood loyalty. This staff has been together 10 years solid. They are a pretty tight knit unit. Some of the schools you go to a guy have been there five days, the continuity is not there. They may be able to win some games, but you don't build a quality program that way. We could not find a program that was comparative."
Singer posted 77 tackles and three interceptions last season as a junior.