NC lineman picks ECU

Oak Ridge (N.C.) Oak Ridge defensive tackle William Foxx made a decision not too long ago. The 6-foot-1, 279-pounder made a choice for East Carolina a couple weeks back.
"I committed about two weeks ago," he said. "I committed to Coach Mitchell, my recruiting coach.
"The reason I made the decision is that I always felt like it is family. I felt like it's home. They always showed me a lot of love when I was there and it's always an exciting time at the game. They have my major and that played a part too, pre-dentistry. I just felt like everything there was for me and I'm going to take my talents there for the next four or five years."
Foxx went further about his choice.
"They came to talk to me and I know everybody by first name on the staff," he said. "I feel like I'm already there when I go up there."
The staff was a key aspect of his choice.
"I really, I can't put my finger on it, but Coach Ruffin let's you know from the gate, that he's there for his boys," he said. "He's just like a father figure, he takes care of us. I like that feeling."
Foxx played both ways in high school, but plans to be a defensive tackle in college.
"I'm going to be playing nose guard," he said. "I played both ways in high school. I love defense though, I've always loved defense and I like their defense, I feel like I fit into it a lot.
"They told me it's up to me, I've got to take it when I come into camp and beat out the other guys. It's up to me for playing time. They did say there is a good possibility I can start."
Foxx plans to take his official to East Carolina in January.