NC end waiting for first offer

Wilmington (N.C.) New Hanover defensive end Vince Allen is still looking for his first offer. The 6-foot-3, 245-pounder is getting looks from a number of colleges across the country.
"I'm getting a lot more looks," he said. "Cincinnati and South Carolina are looking at me along with a ton of I-AA schools including Elon and Appalachian State and still NC State and North Carolina.
"Right now they are all waiting for the first game films. Southeast Raleigh will be my season opener as I'm out with a slight meniscus."
Allen maintains no favorites, but did mention some visits in the not too distant future.
"I'm going to one of South Carolina's games in a couple weeks," he said. "I may make a trip to Wake Forest. They are giving me more looks."
Before the meniscus, Allen was impressive in scrimmages.
"I was playing well," he said. "Our defense hadn't been scored on yet and I had three sacks in scrimmage No. 4.
"Definitely my speed is better this year. I've grown a little bit too. I'm doing more technique as well, I'm not just bull rushing. I've got more moves."