Nations top player having second thoughts

The nation’s No. 1 player, Adrian Peterson, made headlines this weekend when he showed up in College Station, Texas, for an Aggie basketball game with Texas Tech. Peterson also stopped and spent some time with Texas A&M coach Dennis Franchione and assistant coach Lee Fobbs. Peterson talks about the visit with coach Franchione and whether or not he’s considered a solid commitment to Oklahoma.
Rivals100: Obviously word got out that were in College Station this weekend, first of all, what did you think about your time in College Station this weekend?
Adrian Peterson: I had a good time. Basically I went down there with a couple of my players to watch the basketball game.

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Rivals100: Was it a good basketball game?
Adrian Peterson: It was a good game.
Rivals100: Who won?
Adrian Peterson: Texas Tech won by two.
Rivals100: Texas Tech is doing really good this year, aren’t they? Obviously we talked to a couple people, including Mr. Eudey, and he said that you had a conversation with coach Franchione and coach Fobbs. How did that conversation go?
Adrian Peterson: It went pretty good.
Rivals100: What did you guys talk about?
Adrian Peterson: They were talking to me about if I were to change my mind, if I would go there.
Rivals100: Did your time with coach Fran change your commitment to Oklahoma?
Adrian Peterson: Did it change it?
Rivals100: Yes.
Adrian Peterson: No sir.
Rivals100: No sir? How solid would you consider your commitment?
Adrian Peterson: How solid?
Rivals100: Yes, how solid?
Adrian Peterson: Pretty solid.
Rivals100: What percentage would you put it – 90, 95, 100 percent?
Adrian Peterson: 95 percent.
Rivals100: You say that you’re solid, why are you still talking to some of these other schools? Is it a situation where they keep calling you or are you legitimately interest in other schools?
Adrian Peterson: That’s basically what it is.
Rivals100: Which is what?
Adrian Peterson: They keep calling.
Rivals100: They keep calling?
Adrian Peterson: Yes.
Rivals100: What are your family’s thoughts on the process? Have they changed at all since you made that original commitment to Oklahoma?
Adrian Peterson: No sir.
Rivals100: Have they talked a little more about you staying closer to home?
Adrian Peterson: No sir, it’s still the same.
Rivals100: It’s still the same, huh?
Adrian Peterson: Yes sir.
Rivals100: I appreciate your time and thank you for spending a few minutes with me.
To hear the audio from Adrian Peterson’s interview please follow this link: Adrian Peterson. The audio quality isn't the best because the phone connection.