Narrowed list for Williams

Orlando (Fla.) Jones offensive guard Duaron Williams has been working with a list of nearly two dozen schools throughout his recruitment, but he has now narrowed things down to a more manageable number.
"I am actually narrowing it down to 14 schools, because there were a few more schools that jumped in," Williams said. "Kansas, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Colorado State, Kentucky, LSU, Nebraska, Rutgers, Louisville, USF, Iowa State, UCF, and Miami."
The 6-foot-4, 298-pound offensive lineman shared his thoughts on each and every school that made the cut.

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Kansas: "It is a program that is growing. They run the ball a lot, and I like that. Also, their coaches are really good and really nice."
Ole Miss: "There isn't much you need to say about Ole Miss. They produced a beast in Michael Oher."
Arkansas: "That is one of my favorite programs as of right now, as of today. I have been talking a lot with Coach Cink (Kris Cinkovich). They love me up there. That is strong SEC football. I talk to them almost every day. I am really liking that program."
Mississippi State: "Another real tough SEC school. I went and watched them play Florida last year at Florida, and they just pounded the ball. I just like that, that straight run the ball, put your head down and get after it kind of football."
Colorado State: "One of my closest friends, Steven Michel just went up there this year. With me and him being so close, I thought about maybe me and him going to the same school being a possibility. I also just like the school."
Kentucky: "They are going heavy on offensive linemen this year in their recruiting class. That shows that there is a need for them, so that means there is a possibility of early playing time."
LSU: "Another great school that produces offensive lineman into the NFL. Coach (Greg) Studrawa, I talk with him, and he is a really good coach. He took a defensive lineman a couple years ago and turned him into a second round draft pick at offensive guard. If he can do that with a defensive lineman, imagine what he can do with someone more used to the position."
Nebraska: "It is another powerhouse, a dynasty right there. My head coach (Kenard Lang) played for Miami and they went to the National Championship game and lost to Nebraska. When he played there (at Miami) they had Ray Lewis and some other guys over there that were great players, but they lost to Nebraska. Then at 'The Opening' I spoke with Ndamukong Suh, he and I had lunch together a couple days, and he had nothing but awesome things to say about Nebraska. A guy like that, to speak so highly of a school, you have to listen and take that into consideration."
Rutgers: "That is just a school that I really like. I have a real good connection with their entire coaching staff, from Coach (Greg) Schiano down to Coach (Kyle) Flood. Everybody up there at Rutgers, I just have a real good connection with them. I also have a good connection with two players up there, (offensive lineman) Kaleb Johnson and (running back) Savon Huggins, two freshmen that went up there this year. I am really close with them. They have always been one of my favorite schools ever since they offered me and I started looking into their program."
Louisville: "Charlie Strong, that is all you have to say. They really are a good program, they are coming up as well. Last year when Randy Shannon left (Miami), they (Louisville) got Teddy Bridgewater. So that is pretty big. He is a good quarterback, got to see him play a couple times. Definitely want to play with somebody you can trust and that they can deliver."
USF: "That program is turning into a big Florida program. You always hear about Florida, Florida State, and Miami, but USF is pushing to become that fourth powerhouse in Florida. In the last two seasons, they've beaten three ACC teams in Florida State, Clemson, and Miami. So it is really big. They also send players onto the NFL. (Defenisve back) Chris Bivins, he is committed there already, also (tight end) Sean Price, we were together at 'The Opening' in Oregon. Also, Tyler Cameron, the quarterback commit from Jupiter."
Iowa State: "My freshman year I played with a guy named Willie Scott and he is up there now. He plays outside linebacker for them. Back during my freshman year he was sort of a mentor for me. I was a freshman on varsity and he was the defensive end I went against every day. He would kick my butt but he made me a much better player. I still keep in contact with him today. The coaching staff up there is also really good and they have really good facilities."
UCF: "That is the hometown team. Everybody likes it. I have a good friend of mine, he plays basketball, but he is committed there - Matt Williams - he goes to the same high school as mine. They are a growing program. They've won the Conference USA Championship. That program is trying to do some big things over there."
Miami: "Even though Miami has been a part of some bad speculation the past week, that is a dynasty. That is a pipeline to the NFL. You want to be a part of a program that doesn't just get you to compete in college but prepares you for the NFL. I also want to be a lawyer and Miami has an awesome law program as well. Miami would benefit me in both ways."
All of his finalists have offered but Arkansas, LSU, Miami, and Nebraska.
At this time, the three-star offensive lineman says that four schools stand out amongst the narrowed bunch.
"I could give you four schools at the top, it would be Arkansas, Rutgers, USF, and Miami," Williams said.
At this time Williams has not planned any official visits. He said that he intends to take his time with making a decision and wants to use a number of his officials. As for narrowing things down further, Williams is going to work on it continuously throughout the season.
"I am going to shorten the list as my season goes on," Williams said. "It will come down to who is recruiting me the hardest and where I fit best."