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Nagy sets first two officials

Things have been getting pretty hectic for offensive guard Bill Nagy, who in the midst of trying to prepare for his final season of high school football, also is dealing with heavy recruitment by numerous schools.
There will be no complaints from the mature 6-foot-5, 295-pound guard, who is taking each process a day at a time. With two-a-day practices for the last six days in a row and weight lifting on top of that, game preparation is at its fullest. The three-star rated, No. 39 offensive guard in the nation has found time to set up a few visits though during the last few weeks.
"I've got Wisconsin set up for the first week in December and the Syracuse is set up for the second one," Nagy said about his first set trips. "I mean I've visited both of them unofficially and really liked them both. Syracuse has a great sports management program and I really like Wisconsin and how they breed great lineman."
Education is also something that Nagy is focusing on very heavily. Because of that, it's understood that his high school season takes full precedence over any recruiting plans.
"I'm definitely going to think about my season first and then when there is time to think about recruiting, I'll do that," Nagy said. "I want to really focus on my team this year."
The Hudson high school football landscape has changed this year as Nagy's team is not in a new rotation of games. The North and South conferences have been combined providing a much harder schedule.
"The past three years our team has been real good for Hudson standards by making the playoffs each time," Nagy said. "This year they've combined the conference, took out the weaker teams, and it's just the real good teams in there."
"This is probably the hardest schedule our team has ever had to face."
On the recruiting front a new offer has come from Maryland. As each one comes down the pipe for Nagy, he gets more familiar with how the process works.
"They've been sending me letters, but with my experience that doesn't mean anything because you could just be on some list," Nagy said. "Then the handwritten letters started and then there was an offer."
"I've pretty much got this process down."
Though many teams are really vying for interest from the No. 27 rated player in Ohio, he is still trying to keep each and every options open for now.
"I just go out and find the schools that I'm interested in and combine that with which teams are interested in me," he said. "That's how I narrow it down. For now, I'm wide open and really want to look at every school that's looking at me."
His decision will come after he schedules the rest of his official visits and looks like a post-season commitment at the current time.
Nagy was named an all-conference and second team all-state selection during his junior season.