My trip to Florida State

Editor's Note: The Recruits’ Rap is a new semi-regular feature from Rivals100.com.
It’ll feature the nation’s top recruits talking about what’s going on in the recruiting process in their own words.
This first installment is from four-star running back Thomas Brown of Tucker, Ga. Brown talks about his recent trip to Florida State and how it will play into his decision-making process.

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Before I went to FSU, I was not that excited because I had heard nothing but bad things about them.
Different people had told me that FSU lies to their players and they don't treat the players right. But when I got their, it was a totally different story.
It was a great place and a great atmosphere.
I got a chance to meet a few of their players, and they seemed real cool. I watched a few of the practices and they worked pretty hard.
The thing that amazed me the most was the size of their players. There was not one single small person on the team.
I met with most of the coaches and got a chance to get a feel for where they were coming from. It's hard to judge people in 24 hours, but they seemed like a good group of coaches.
One the final day at FSU, I got a chance to meet the legendary coach Bobby Bowden. He seemed like a very down to earth coach.
After visiting FSU, they moved into my top three along with Maryland and Georgia.
On the way back, I wondered where these people that told me so many bad things about FSU could have gotten it from, and then I realized that they were all huge Georgia fans, and they were just trying to get me to come to Georgia.
FSU at the time seemed like a perfect fit. It has good weather, great facilities, great staff and a possibility of early playing time.
In some ways, my visit made my decision easier, because I was able to get the top three schools I was most interested in.
In the long run it makes it even harder because I would have to choose between three great programs where I have grown a pretty good relationship with coaches from all three staffs.
One thing I realized about the whole recruiting process is that I can't really go wrong with any of the schools I am choosing from, but I still want to make the right decision.