MVP hopes his stock soars

Buford, Ga., defensive end Aaron Scranton is hoping that an MVP performance at the Georgia-Florida All-Star Game will bolster his stock.
But recruiting fans and already knew that his stock has been soaring for quite some time. Now he just hopes to convince more schools of that.
"I hope my performance boosts my stock even more," Scranton, who is 6-foot-5 and 230 pounds, said. "I hope that I proved to the schools that I belong."
He does.
And with offers on the table from Georgia Tech, Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Navy, SMU and a few others, Scranton is going to begin the process of lining up official visits.
"I haven't heard from Tennessee or Georgia in some time, and that's starting to make me mad," Scranton said.
"But if they don't want me, then I'm going to go somewhere that will and then I'll have to make them pay someday."
Scranton said Georgia Tech and Arkansas are two schools at this point he knows that he'll visit for sure.