Mumford picks East Carolina

Statesville, N.C. linebacker Tristan Mumford made his decision yesterday. The three-star prospect picked East Carolina over offers from Duke, North Carolina and Wake Forest.
"I committed yesterday," he said. "I went down there for the spring game and just hung out with the coaches and talked to my assistant.
"The deal was I was waiting until South Carolina talked to me. I was going to talk to them over spring break and never received anything from them. I went down to East Carolina yesterday and hung out with the coaches, Coach Ruff. I talked a lot with him after the spring game and it felt like home. They talked to me about how they got this linebacker position there and it just felt like home. I was comfortable with the players and coaches and decided to make the commitment."

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According to Mumford, East Carolina's coaches were surprised with his selection.
"They were really excited," he said. "They were really happy about it and talking to me. They couldn't get over the fact I committed and told me I was their No. 1 guy."
So, what made Mumford pick the Pirates?
"It's not only that they are building a team up to be a great team, but it's the players around the team," he said. "It's the personalities and the coach's personalities and how they handle everything around their campus, the football team and academic stuff. It's just amazing how they do it.
"In addition, Coach Ruff is a really cool coach. He keeps it real with you and is laid back. He's just a really fun coach to be around. He inspires everyone that comes his way. I talked to one of the other players and he felt the same way."
East Carolina wants Mumford to fill their will linebacker position.
"They want me inside," he said. "I watched them yesterday and I feel it's a pretty good choice for me. This was my dream school and I'm happy with my decision."
Mumford noted he is still contemplating a trip to South Carolina, but is unsure when it could possibly occur.